At the present time, AIRES DE JAEN owns the latest facilities of Olive Oil built in our country, in which the best cutting-edge technology is integrated with the tradition of the land and the olive grove where AIRES DE JAEN is located. This technology provides a significant capacity of bottling, being the quality and food safety of our products our main priority.

It has the flexibility to pack in all sizes of glass, PET and tin, as well as big drums and bulk containers to serve the food industry.

We have an air-conditioned, stainless steel oil cellar, where temperature is controlled to keep the irreproachable aromas and flavours of our olive oils with all their intensity up to the day of the bottling process.

AIRES DE JAEN is specially committed and continuously concerned to provide the best quality. For such a purpose , it counts on a modern and spacious laboratory for analysis and control.

The solidity of this structure enables us to provide the best service and to be more efficient for the benefit of our customers.

Once our olive oils have been received and submitted to strict quality controls, they are bottled by our automated lines, especially designed to preserve food safety in our olive oils. Every bottling line features a blowing and upside-down clean system in order to prevent foreign material in all our packages. Filling machines with exact dosage of the product and production controls throughout the entire process guarantee that the engagements made to our customers are met.