AIRES DE JAÉN, presents to the market a wide range of products, packed in the most demanded formats by the business. Extra Virgin olive oils, Olive Oils and Olive Pomace Oils, taking care of every stage of the process so as to ensure the highest quality at all times.

Personal attention, responsiveness, reliability in our management and strict quality controls are the commitment of AIRES DE JAÉN with its customers, in order to meet their expectations of service.

The industrial plant of AIRES DE JAÉN is designed to pack all kind of Olive Oils and to ensure the excellence and food security of its different finished products. It has the flexibility to pack in all sizes of glass bottles, pet botles and tins, as well as big drums and bulk containers to attend the food industry.

AIRES DE JAEN offers the possibility of supplying our olive oils in bulk: 20 L or 25L polyethylene drums, 200 kg metal drums, 1000 L IBC or shipment in flexitank and tanker.

We are aware that each market is different, and therefore the needs which our customers face are different. For that reason, our team of specialists in export, marketing and quality are at your service, to help you in the creation of your own brand and to satisfy your needs, so that you can reach the success with your product.

We put our creative capacities at work to feature unique projects, following a strict process to comply with timing and to meet the needs of your market.

Distribution to more than 40 countries