About us

"Our added value is the synergy that is produced by adding the individual experience of each one of us"

What do we do?

More than 50 years producing and bottling a good quality olive oil for our clients . Aires de Jaén not only closes the circle of production, bottling and commercialisation of olive oil but also positions itself as one of the largest exporters of olive oil in Andalusia, carrying EVOO to more than 50 countries and producing more than 8,000,000 liters of olive oil each year.
CIFRAS - kg molturados

3.000.000 milled KG

CIFRAS - Capacidad Envasado

9 000,000 Bottled liters


20.000.000 L Bottling capacity

CIFRAS -export

54 countries to which we export

CIFRAS - Clientes

1023 clients already trust us.

Mission - Vision

To transmit the culture of EVOO beyond our borders, transforming the fruit of the land into the best possible Extra Virgin Olive Oil so that it can be enjoyed on tables around the world. Our business model leans towards sustainability, betting on cutting-edge technologies.





Guarantee of service


Story Chornogram

Human Team

Matias López Sanchez-Polaina
Manager Sales
More than 30 years of experience in managerial positions with a wide vision in a highly changing environment full of opportunities, always looking for a constant rate of growth for Aires de Jaén.

Rosa López Sanchez- Polaina
Manager Supply
Her vision in 360º of the company added to all his professional background make the efficiency of the production process a reality always keeping an exceptional quality.

When you join the right people, the quality of your work increases greatly.

Our whole history would not be possible without the team of olive grove and oil lovers who have been added to the project. The motivation, the commitment to the project, the responsibility, professionalism and generosity that they contribute every day is remarkable.

They are people who, apart from contributing with their talent and work, have the same special sparkle in their eyes as we do when they see the new oils of each harvest. They are people who have understood the philosophy of the family to the point of becoming integrated into it as one member, and this is what we are most proud of.

They give value to the AIRES DE JAÉN´s proposal: to transform the fruit of the land into the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil so that it can be enjoyed on tables around the world.


The positive results for Aires de Jaén and the favorable impact on society must be mutually reinforcing.


Aires de Jaén supporting 4 fundamental pillars such as solidarity, environment, health and culture
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Quality certificates and awards

In a market with increasingly demanding consumers, these certificates and awards guarantee our quality.

Quality certificates and awards

The different certificates or quality guarantees are a sign of extra confidence for consumers
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