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If you are looking for a partner to support you in the creation of a custom brand for a target market in which to commercialise Olive Oil, Aires de Jaén puts at your disposal our export team with extensive experience in manufacturing and distribution.

Why choose Aires de Jaén as a partner?




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Aires de Jaén the ideal partner

Aires de Jaén, presents to the market a wide range of products, in olive oil qualities and packaging formats most demanded by the sector. Aires de Jaén´s industrial factory is designed to package all types of olive oil qualities, in addition to its bottling flexibility with a wide range of packages. The main point that differentiates us is personalized attention, responsiveness, seriousness in our management and strict quality controls; real commitments that Aires de Jaén acquires with you to ensure success. We are aware of the singularities of each market and therefore of the different needs that may arise, we put at your disposal a team of specialists to fully customize your product.

Aires de Jaen in the world

In our company, exports are a key pillar in our turnover. Extensive experience and presence in more than 50 countries around the world.

We are aware of the singularities and demands of each market and, therefore, of the different needs that our clients have, we put at your disposal a team of specialists in export, quality and marketing, to work side by side from the design phase and creation of your olive oil brand to support you in marketing to achieve the success of your product.

We thoroughly work on our creativity to offer singular and unique projects, following rigorous processes to meet the necessary deadlines and satisfy market demand.


80% International Presence


20,000,000L of bottling capacity


All our internationally awarded EARLY EVOOs

Quality olive oils: Our commitment

The quality of our olive oils, the continuous improvement and the satisfaction of our clients is guaranteed with Aires de Jaén.

In an environment with customers who need more personal and distinguished treatment every day, Aires de Jaén is committed to quality, with a production system where the food safety of our olive oils, their quality, legality, authenticity and compliance with the requirements that our clients demand, all in a safe environment, with a high degree of environmental responsibility and with modern facilities equipped with the necessary technology to fulfill our commitment

As a guarantee of these acquired commitments, our company is certified according to the World Standard for Food Safety and the IFS Food Standard Protocol, a standard of recognized international prestige that guarantees our Quality System.

These principles are assumed by the company and our quality policy is defined based on them.

Quality Certificates and Awards

In a market with increasingly demanding consumers, these certificates and awards guarantee our quality.

Quality Certificates and Awards

The different certificates or quality guarantees are a sign of extra confidence for consumers
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Would you like to introduce Olive Oil in a new market?

We are the ideal partner with a wide portfolio, although we can also help you create your own brand

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