Quality certificates and awards

Quality certificates

Different quality certifications test the great demand with which we impregnate our EVOOs. Bearing in mind that the consumer shows extra confidence in the different quality certificates or quality guarantees, at Aires de Jaén we strive every day to maintain each one of them.

There is a great variety of quality certificates that guarantee the excellence of the products, in such a way that companies must obtain those that their sector must fulfill. Therefore, Aires de Jaén and its olive oils are covered by the following certificates and awards.


IGP – emblem that protects us under the umbrella and parameters of extra quality requirement of the IGP Jaén Oil, Protected Geographical Indication. The primary key that promotes this certificate is that the oil is 100 % harvested, processed and bottled in the province of Jaén. Likewise, it is an EVOO made before December 30, with minimal fruitiness, superior organoleptic characteristics and physical-chemical parameters that guarantee that it is an extra virgin of top quality.

IFS Food

Food safety standard to audit companies that manufacture or package food products and that demonstrates compliance with the highest quality standards. This product certification guarantees that the food production carried out, ensuring the safety and health of the commercialised products. The IFS criteria provides an uniform guidance on product safety from food manufacturing to personal hygiene.

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Ecological Certification – CAAE

CAAE is the international entity in certification of the eco seal with a global focus for a more organic world. Its Organic Certification of Agriculture guarantees that all requirements and standards regarding organic production, labeling and control are met. In addition, it ensures that the food produced under this certificate has been obtained through a production method using natural substances and processes.

Halal Guarantee

A document granted by The Halal Institute that certifies that a certain product or service complies with what is established by Islamic Law (Sharia) for its consumption. The Halal Institute certification process guarantees the complete traceability of the food chain, from the field to the table. It not only covers the verification of the ingredients but it also includes the verification of the production process, hygiene, handling, packaging materials, storage, transport and distribution.

Degusta Jaén

n identifying quality seal for products from the province and supported by the Provincial Council of Jaén. The “Degusta Jaén Quality” is a community collective emblem that comprises agri-food products from Jaén province as a quality distinctive, not only at a national level but also at a European one. For the consumer, our Black Label Degusta Jaén is a guarantee of flavor and food safety for the olive oil from Aires de Jaén.

Quality Policy

In an environment with customers who demand every day a better manner and efficiency, we have to differentiate ourselves from the competition through excellence.

Quality Policy

Only this commitment will lead us to meet the expectations of our customers, based on which our Quality Policy is defined.
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Awards and honours


Within the TOP 100 category


Inside guide Flos Olei 2022

GOLD MEDAL, 2020 y 2021

in “China International Olive Oil Competition”, CHINA




GOLD MEDAL, 2020 y 2021

at “Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards”, GERMANY


at “Olive Oil Award Zurich 2020”, SWITZERLAND

Entities of which we are a part

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