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Think out of the box

“Tinking outside the box” helps to generate new ideas. To achieve this, we not only have to break with preconceived ideas and our day-to-day lives, but it is also important to create a pleasant workspace that is favourable to creativity. What better than Finca Badenes to give a change of direction to your meetings and surprise your team

Bored of typical work meetings where creativity has no place? The meeting and event rooms at Aires de Jaén are the perfect space to generate new ideas and share knowledge.

In addition, we have a catalog of experiences to put the finishing touch to your meetings and generate an impression that participants may not forget.

We have spaces available adapted to all needs, from smaller rooms with views of nature to an open space in the Finca Badenes plaza where you can create a unique environment for conferences, courses, goal meetings, among others

Motivate your work teams with one of our business experiences, different meetings due to its space and the extra activities we offer. Generate a motivating experience in your team to help them increase their productivity at work, as experts in the field say, generate engagement with your workers, they are your best prescribers.

Complete Business Experiences

Meeting rooms

You can choose between a meeting room focused on work meetings or smaller meetings and an event room to celebrate activities of any format with indoor and outdoor space. In addition to the room, complete your meeting with one of our Oleotourism experiences to surprise the participants.

Meeting rooms

Closed, isolated space with a unique space to hold work meetings with your team, partners or clients


Flexible space with tables and chairs that you can adapt to any work day, formative activity or congress

Business experiences

We have the following gastronomic and oil tourism experiences with which to complete your meeting or business event. Similarly, our events team is at your disposal to create custom events. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Soon you will be able to book our experiences online

Custom-made experiences


We are at your disposal to answer any questions that may arise, even to make a tailor-made package for your meeting or event.